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"Peace of Mind... Every Time"

How much Do You Charge?

Great question! We would be happy to give you an exact price over the phone. Please go to the “contact” page of our website and fill out the "information request form." Once we receive your inquiry, we’ll email you some information with pictures, videos, and tons of references! After you review the emails, we’ll set up a time to chat to discuss the specifics of your event, and so we can give you an exact price!

Do We Need A Contract?

Yes.  Once we've had a conversation about the details of your event, and your specific needs...we will then help you choose a Package that both meets those needs, & fits within your budget.  Then we will email you the Booking Contract so that you can mail it back in with your Deposit, to lock in your special day on our calendar.

Do We Need To Pay A Deposit?

Yes we require a deposit to secure the booking...but it's certainly minimal compared to industry standards, in order to make "locking in" your BIG day as easy as possible.  Also, the deposit DOES come off the final balance. 

What Will The DJ Wear?

For Weddings and upscale Corporate Events, your DJ will be professionally attired in our "signature" Bow Tie and Suspenders, often times color-coordinated to your event!  Even at outdoor events, or kids parties...your DJ will always be clean-cut and appropriately dressed.  No worries there! 

Can We Choose The Music?

Our team here at BRAVO~Live DJ will absolutely work with you to select the styles and genres of music that are best for YOU and your guests! We will always ask you to tell us about those "special" songs that mean the most to you, so that we can be sure to incorporate them throughout the event.  Our 8 DJ super-team is comprised of the area's top mix-DJ's.  I can guarantee that we have a DJ that is familiar with, and can mix any style or genre of music:  from Dance & Hip Hop to Country & Rock and even ethnic music such as Arabic, Indian and Hispanic! 

Can you play music from YouTube?

Great question!  But because all BRAVO-Live DJ’s are “real” Professional Mix DJ’s…we have special software/hardware systems that allow us to actually mix and beat-match music for you!  Therefore, we must get our music from legitimate sources such as industry “Record Pools” that are just for real DJ’s…or at the very least, a reputable source such as iTunes. 

We cannot play music from YouTube.  Please try to find a match, or the closest thing to it, on iTunes, let us know the iTunes description of the song…and we’d be happy to purchase the song just for YOU (if we cannot find it in our Record Pools).  Fair enough?  

 What is the Wedding Day Information Sheet (or Event Day Checklist)

The “WDIS” is used to let BRAVO-Live DJ know how you'd like us to customize a Ceremony &/or Reception Package that feels more like YOU!  It’s the form that helps you plan, coordinate, and communicate ideas to your DJ.  Basically, it’s a tool that gets things out of your head – and onto paper...thus giving you, Peace of Mind! 


The “EDC” works much in the same way…just for our Corporate/Municipal Event Planners. 

How long do we have to work on our WDIS (or EDC)?  By when do we need to submit it?

Just 30 days out is the rule of thumb!  You can work on the WDIS (or EDC) for a while...just make sure we get it back from you at least a month before the BIG day, so we can plan accordingly &/or reach out to you with any questions. 


Note 1: Please DO NOT “submit” your WDIS (or EDC) until it’s 100% complete and accurate (with your order of events, special song selections, order of Grand Introductions, etc.).  You can “save” the document, and update it as many times as you’d like!  We just ask that you don’t actually “submit” it to us until it’s the FINAL PRODUCT. 

*Remember – there’s no hurry!  We don’t need the WDIS (or EDC) until 30 days out.  So, take your time…and make sure everything is exactly how YOU want it!  Sound good?


Note 2:  If you would like your DJ to choose a formality song for you, please write “DJ’s Choice” by that formality.  This is often done for things like the Cake Cutting, Bouquet/Garter Toss, and even things like a “Money Dance!” 

How Long Does It Take To Set-Up?

Once we have access to the room it takes 2-4 hours to set up and test the equipment.  This is ALWAYS included in the price...and NEVER takes away from your actual "play-time" at the event!  Your DJ is highly trained to make sure he's set up on time, and the equipment is working properly no matter what is involved, or how long it takes.  

BRAVO-Live DJ | Hurricane WV | Peace Of Mind
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