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“Josh was awesome! He made sure that the music was exactly what I wanted and that me and my guests had fun on the dance floor. The lighting was beautiful and he worked so well with my wedding planner Susan Lockhart. They made sure the wedding went smoothly. I can't say enough great things about him and can't wait for him to DJ my sister's wedding in October!”

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My favorite things about DJ’ng manifold.  But here’s a few:

1.  Being able to literally CREATE a party out of nothing!  Those moments when everyone, including myself, get pleasantly surprised by the party that seemingly sprung up out of nowhere!  It’s easy to get the “dancers” dancing.  The real challenge of being a great DJ is getting the “Wow, he/she never dances!” person – out on the dance floor having a blast!

2. Taking people on a journey, musically.  Being able to almost control the atmosphere through people’s thoughts, feelings, emotions, and ultimately their actions…based solely by my song selection.  This starts with the pride I take in being able to “read” a crowd.  In my opinion, the best compliments I receive usually sound something like, “Thank you for your great taste in music…” especially when I’m playing stuff I don’t even particularly like, LOL – but I know my audience does!   

3. SURPRISING people by what “what I just did there!”  I love the crowd reaction to a song they didn’t expect – but LOVE.  Or maybe hitting the perfect song at just the right time…even though no one else would’ve thought about that tune.  Nothing is better than the look on people’s faces when they look at you in enjoyable disbelief by what they’re experiencing in that moment.  And as a DJ, knowing YOU just did that!  Wow. 

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