Here are several of our most Frequently Asked Questions. If you don’t find answers to what you’re looking for here, please reach out through our Contact page.

Great question! We would be happy to give you several customized package options over the phone… and we’ll even Email you a detailed recap of those packages, so there’s never any pressure to book “on the spot.” Please go to the contact page of our website and fill out the information request form. We will then email you Videos, Pictures, tons of References, and most importantly - a LINK that you can use to schedule a personal phone consultation at your convenience! We promise that by the end of this conversation, you will have all the pricing information you need to make an “educated decision” about your package selection!

  • Yes. Any reputable vendor should offer you a Contract. This is the only you can ensure that you’re getting exactly what you’re expecting … and what you’ve paid for! Once we’ve had conversation about the details of your event, and your specific needs … we will help you choose a Package that both meets those needs, & fits within your budget. Then we will email you the Booking Contract, so that you can sign & mail it back in – along with your Deposit, to officially “lock in” your BIG day on our calendar!
  • PRO TIP: Be sure to verify that the vendors you hire to serve you – have a Business License, Insurance, and pay their Taxes! This simple check-up can save you from catastrophe!

  • Yes, we do require a deposit to secure your booking … But in order to make “locking in” your BIG day on our calendar as easy as possible, our deposit requirements are certainly minimal compared to industry standards!
  • But keep in mind, the pre-paid deposit amount will come OFF the grand total … and you won’t owe anything further until 14 days before your event! And the really cool thing is – we can accept further payments of any amount, at any time! Some people make small monthly payments; others break it up into a couple of larger payments. For your “Peace of Mind,” it’s even tracked by a professional CPA firm. But again, you do not HAVE to pay the final balance until 2 weeks before your event date.

Absolutely! We offer packages that included both the Ceremony and the Reception. We can provide both Ceremony music and management in the same room as your Reception; just outside on the lawn; or even in a completely separate location! When necessary, we even provide TWO sound systems: one in each location, so we can guarantee a seamless transition for your guests!

For weddings and upscale corporate events, your DJ will be professional attired in our “signature” color-coordinated Bow Tie and dress shirt … possibly with some accent suspenders! For less formal, outdoor events, and youth parties… your DJ will always be clean-cut and appropriately dressed. No worries there!

Our exclusive, in-house Event Coordinator will absolutely work with you to select the styles and genres of music that are perfect for YOU and your guests! We will always ask you to tell us about those “special” songs that mean the most to you – so we can be sure to incorporate them throughout the event. BRAVO Live DJ is comprised of a super-team of real, Pro-Mix DJ’s. We guarantee that we can match you up with a DJ that is not only familiar with, but can MIX any style or genre of music: from Dance & Hip-Hop, to Country & Rock. We even house DJ’s who specialize in ethnic music such as Arabic, Greek, Bollywood, Punjabi, Latin, Reggae, etc.

  • Great question! Most of the time, legitimate recording artists will also have their tracks available on a reputable music selling platform like iTunes or Amazon-Music. Please search for the track you want, or at least a very similar version, on these sources – and we’d be happy to legally purchase them for you!
  • Unfortunately, there are some challenges associated with music found “ONLY on YouTube.” First and foremost is sound quality. If someone is recording themselves in their living room; or being recorded by an amateur without quality equipment… then the sound quality of the music is probably not going to be worthy of being played at your Wedding!
  • Secondly, from a technology standpoint, we do not have the ability to “rip” music directly from YouTube. The “YouTube-to-Mp3 Converter” sites out there on the internet are usually full of nasty computer viruses… so we cannot risk using them. However, if you simply cannot find a version on a legitimate site like iTunes or Amazon-Music; or any acceptable alternative to a “YouTube ONLY” song selection… then you’re more than welcome to try and “rip” the song yourself, and then email us the Mp3 file. Fair enough?

  • The “Wedding Day Info Sheet” (WDIS), is a strategic form that tells BRAVO Live DJ everything we need to know about how you’d like us to customize a Ceremony/Reception package to something that feels more like YOU! It helps you to plan, coordinate, and communicate your ideas to your DJ – so he can be sure to give you a personalized experience.
  • Basically, the WDIS is a tool that gets things out of your head – and onto paper. And no worries! If you get stuck on something, or simply aren’t sure how to answer one of the questions… our in-house Event Coordinator will be right there to guide you through it. Just one more way we guarantee you “Peace of Mind … Every Time!”
  • By the way, our “Event Day Checklist” (EDC), works in much the same way. The only difference is that it’s designed specifically for those planning Corporate / Municipal Events.

  • The “Wedding Day Info Sheet” (WDIS) is used to let BRAVO Live DJ know how you'd like us to customize a Wedding Package that feels more like YOU! This is true from both a musical and event management standpoint.
  • Depending on how far in advance you book, you can work on the WDIS for quite a while ... just make sure we get it back from you at least 30 days before the wedding. This will ensure that have ample time plan accordingly and if necessary, reach out to you with any questions.
  • PRO TIP: Please do not submit a “partially” completed WDIS! To cut down on the risk of us missing something, or making a mistake on your wedding day - we would much rather wait to receive a WDIS that is 100% complete, than have to make several updates and changes. Just another way for us to ensure you an error-free performance, and of course: “Peace of Mind … Every Time!”

  • Once we have access to the venue, then depending on the specific package you’ve selected, it should take your DJ 2-4 hours to set up and test the equipment. This is ALWAYS included in the price we quote…and NEVER takes away from our actual “play-time” at the event! No worries, your BRAVO Live DJ is highly trained to make sure he’s set up on time, and the equipment is working properly no matter what is involved, or how long it takes.
  • PRO TIP: As the BIG day approaches, you will discuss the “set up needs” of your specific package with our in-house Event Coordinator. Once you have an estimate of the time required for set up, please communicate with your venue to ensure we can gain access to the room with ample set up time.